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The “Agência para a Modernização Administrativa” (Agency for Administrative Modernization – AMA) is a public body for the areas of the administrative modernization and simplification and the electronic administration.

To provide a certified means of authentication and digital signature for online services of the Public Administration in Portugal.

A Digital Mobile Key (CMD) application developed using technologies like J2EE, Spring, Xamarin, .net framework. This solution allows user identification via a mobile telephone number and a PIN, enabling access to various online services and digital signing of documents.

The Digital Mobile Key (CMD) is a mean of authentication and digital signature certified by the Portuguese State.

Associated with the Citizen Card (Portuguese Identification Document), this solution allows identifying a user before the online services of the Public Administration, eliminating the need to read a card chip. It is an easy and safe way of authentication on various public and private sites, using only a mobile telephone number and a PIN with 4 to 8 digits. It enables performing numerous online services – for citizens and companies – but also signing PDF documents and other file formats.

Signatures using the Professional Attributes Certificate (SCAP – “Certificado de Atributos Profissionais”) are already available through the CMD, thus allowing to certify the citizen’s qualities and powers in a professional or business context, for authentication on websites and the signature of documents.

Nexllence’s added convenience to the solution with its contribution in the development of new features, such as the digital signature, membership through the tax authorities portal or via the portal


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