Next Generation Security Architecture

Montepio is a Portuguese bank that provides an integrated offer of saving, protection and investment solutions for the financial and management markets.

Implementing a modern security architecture to address evolving threats while ensuring service availability and business continuity.

We renewed Montepio’s security infrastructure to a modern, redundant, and resilient architecture, improving business continuity and significantly enhancing the security index.

Nexllence implemented in Montepio a next generation security architecture appropriate to the evolution of the current overall threats, ensuring the availability and continuity of the services provided by a rigorous business activity with crucial management practices to safeguard its clients.

To such end, the security infrastructure has been renewed according to a modern, redundant and resilient architecture, with aggressive implementation timelines, given the deadlines contracted with operators.

Good results have been obtained by using this approach, ensuring business continuity with a significant increase of the security index.


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