Leveraging Adresles with Outsystems Technology

Discover how Glintt Next leverages the Spanish startup Adresles with Outsystems technology.

Adresles is a Spanish company that provides web solutions for the shipping of orders without the need to know the destination address. The company operates in 34 countries, with a 97% receipt rate.

In this article, learn how Glintt Next used OutSystems technology to support Adresles’s evolution and growth. The project, with its unique characteristics in the market, stood out for its support and mutual help to the teams that achieved excellent results.

To achieve the goal of the business, the Spanish startup Adresles has created a platform for the shipping of items while knowing only one identifier for the recipient, either their phone number, email address, Instagram or Facebook profile.

The project, which is aimed at private customers as well as SMEs and large companies, has simplified online shipping and transactions on several levels, encompassing various applications in the daily life of both people and of organisations in B2B and B2C markets, including:

  • Point of shipment – shipping from one person to another, allowing the choice to be made of who pays for the shipment;
  • Shipping from a physical shop to customers using only their phone number;
  • One-click shipping and payments for businesses that have social media as their sales channel;
  • One-click shipping and payments for e-commerce businesses with different levels of automation,
  • adjusting to the circumstances of the trade or business;
  • Multiple shipments from a contact list;
  • Smart events calendar for managing shipments;
  • Grouping and auction – in real time – of logistics services;
  • Centralisation and control of all shipments and deliveries.

With the rapid growth of the business, the platform that was created, based on a no-code tool became insufficient for the needs of Adresles, creating the need for it to be enhanced.

To meet Adresles’s growth needs, the platform was migrated over to Outsystems technology, integrating other systems such as AWS and REST APIs. This solution is now able to allow a faster response, as well as making it easily scalable in the future.

OutSystems technology provides customers with a scalable architecture that is focused on their business needs. This way, organizations will continue to have a cutting-edge technology architecture over time, avoiding the obsolescence of technologies.

The innovative platform created by Adresles is outstanding and has brought a new product to various market segments. Supporting the platform during the development process, with the speed that the market demanded, was a huge challenge. As a result, this is a unique project, both in terms of market and development.

Glintt Next, OutSystems Partner of reference, “embraced the challenge with the spirit of a startup, which was essential due to both the time-to-market for the product and its characteristics”.

Experience in software development and the application of agile methods, using Outsystems technology, allowed Glintt Next to successfully adapt to the needs of Adresles and the type of product developed.

Migration to the new technology required the involvement of all Adresles personnel and a Tech Lead in Outsystems technology from Glintt Next. As the process moved forward, the Glintt Next team was boosted by the addition of two more developers.

After the two companies had discussed technological needs and the new features that could be implemented in the product, the project began in May 2022. As a first step, a coaching model was applied for the Adresles team. Later, Glintt Next went on to support the customer in developing the necessary requirements.

As it is a living product and expected to constantly evolve with the main market trends and technologies, there is no end date foreseen for the collaboration between Glintt Next and Adresles. The project will be an ongoing one.

Using OutSystems technology and Glintt Next’s expertise, Adresles’s platform has achieved remarkable success for both B2C and B2B markets.

From the point of view of the end consumer, the Adresles platform stands out for its agility and versatility for those who carry out the shipment. In addition, shipping without labels and delivering to a location set by the recipient becomes simpler and more sustainable.

For businesses that need to send products to their customers, this solution promises a lower shopping cart abandonment rate, with a simplified process that ensures greater privacy for its users. After all, you don’t even have to give your address.

In B2B transactions, the solution built by Adresles and migrated to Outsystems jointly with Glintt Next, allows the optimization of logistics processes and mass shipments.

Due to its characteristics, this platform is easy to implement globally, in any country and for any business or person.

The challenge raised by Adresles for their business required a company with experience and flexibility in software development in a more agile way than usual. Being a startup, the working pace is speeded up, while the time-to-market is shorter.

For Adresles, the choice of Glintt Next as a technology partner for this project, besides being an OutSystems Partner of reference, was a success “because of the understanding of what we were, our transparency and our flexibility when it came to channelling resources towards everything that our startup needed. But, above all, because of the people who were watching over our project and who got involved as one more member of the team”.


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