Glintt Next unveils strategic plan to boost digital transformation in Spain and Portugal

Glintt Next, the technology consultancy belonging to Glintt Global, seeks to consolidate its multi-sector leadership by focusing on innovation and geographical and sectorial expansion, with special emphasis on Spain.

In response to the rapid global technological evolution, Glintt Next, a division of Glintt Global, has presented its strategy for 2024 aimed at consolidating its position in the Iberian market.

With a recognised track record in the technology sector, the company aims to expand its influence, especially in Spain, by offering innovative solutions that accompany companies in their digitalisation process.

Miguel Leocádio, CEO of Glintt Global and responsible for Glintt Next in Portugal and Spain, highlights the company’s vision: “We are at a time of expansion and growth. Our goal is to offer high value-added solutions, forging lasting partnerships that allow us to anticipate and meet the needs of our customers”.

This strategic plan marks a turning point for Glintt Next, which aims not only to consolidate its presence in the Iberian Peninsula but also to expand internationally. It focuses on strengthening its role in critical sectors such as Telecommunications, Financial Services, Energy and Public Administration, under the slogan “Glintt Next – The New With You”.

The company is committed to both organic and inorganic growth, looking towards European expansion and strengthening long-term partnerships. In a context dominated by developments such as artificial intelligence and digitalisation, Glintt Next emphasises its commitment to innovation and customer proximity.

With more than 15 years of experience in Low-Code application development and an outstanding investment in Data & Generative AI capabilities, Glintt Next is positioned at the forefront of technology transformation. In addition, it addresses the challenge of the talent shortage in digital technologies with a hybrid working model, with a diverse and specialised team from various regions.

The birth of Glintt Next is part of the new positioning of Glintt Global, which after a successful year adopts a new corporate image. Luís Cocco, Chairman of the Executive Committee of Glintt Global, explains: “This rebranding reflects our strategy of continued growth and our vision for the future, enabling us to achieve our ambitions in a sustained manner.

With a history of more than 30 years and a team of 1,200 professionals, Glintt Global and its Glintt Next division are consolidating their position as a benchmark in the technology landscape, ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow and support companies on their path to digitisation.

source: la ecuacion digital


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