Glintt Next sets sights on the Iberian market

Specialisation in Low-Code Data and Generative AI

Glintt Next is a sub-brand of Glintt Global, a Portuguese technology consultancy that was born in 2008 as a result of the merger between Consiste and ParaRede, and which has been expanding (in different regions and with a significant inorganic growth component) over the years through a strong specialisation in the pharmacy and hospital sector (management software).

According to Luís Cocco, Chairman of the Executive Committee of Glintt Global, this is much more than a rebranding, it is about expressing a vision that today is much bigger and richer. In fact, a strategy has been put in place that seeks to align the way the entire brand is organised to effectively support and take advantage of the continuous growth process we have been experiencing.

“With this clear and robust structure, which clearly reflects who we are today and where we want to go, we will be able to deliver on our ambitions in a much more sustained and efficient way.

Glintt presents its strategy to reinforce its leadership in Iberia and capitalise on its success and experience in the Spanish market

It currently has a turnover of 120 million euros and around 1,200 people in the Iberian Peninsula (Portugal and Spain). In addition, Glinnt Next already has more than ninety clients in Portugal and Spain, and 240 projects for which it has worked with leading technology partners such as OutSystems, IBM, Microsoft and MuleSoft, among others.

Currently, its activity is focused on sectors such as telco, energy, financial services or public administration, with reference clients in all of them, such as Másmovil, Cepsa, Banc Sabadell or Ilunion.

It is now starting a new cycle. According to Miguel Leocádio, CEO of Glintt Global and responsible for Glintt Next in Portugal and Spain. “We foresee a future marked by expansion in both geographies and industries. Our purpose is to provide innovative and high value-added solutions to our customers, and to accompany them in their digital transformation. We establish lasting partnerships with our clients to anticipate their needs and deliver successful projects.

The purpose of this new brand is to seek a multi-sectorial character and a fresh perspective, based on technologies such as custom app development, low-code & integration, data and everything related to artificial intelligence. The aim is to take advantage of its experience in the field of digital transformation and develop future solutions in emerging technologies in highly specialised sectors such as telecommunications, financial services, energy and public administration.

The motto chosen for this period of growth is Glintt Next – The New With You, seeking to position itself as a multi-sector technological agent, an ally for those organisations seeking to adapt to a constantly evolving digital world. To this end, Glintt Next plans organic and inorganic growth, with a clear focus on expansion into other European countries and long-term alliances with clients and partners.


During these fifteen years, Glintt Next has been developing expertise in areas such as the development of low-code applications, with a particularly significant investment in the development of data & generative AI capabilities. Precisely with regard to this technology, it has announced the opening of a new Centre of Excellence that will boost knowledge of this trend, which is increasingly in demand, starting with its use internally, by its own developers to gain productivity and quality in their processes.

Glintt Next has been developing expertise in areas such as low-code application development, data & generative AI

Another key focus of Glinnt Next is to address the challenge of talent and skills shortages in digital technologies. To do so, it proposes a hybrid capacity model, combining remote and on-site project delivery. The company has a highly specialised and diverse team, composed of collaborators from different regions of Portugal, Spain and Latin America.

Glintt Next is the result of the new brand positioning assumed by Glintt at the beginning of this year, which after a very positive 2023 financial year and a historic consolidation of results was renamed Glintt Global. Thus, within the framework of the new brand system and new image of the company, it is positioned as a key player in today’s society, with more than 30 years of experience, a workforce of more than 1200 multidisciplinary minds and a vision of the future that transcends borders.

source: Digital Biz Magazine


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