Digital transformation: today’s challenges and tomorrow’s successes

In the current era, marked by unprecedented technological advances, digital transformation stands as a fundamental pillar for the progress and competitiveness of nations around the world. Spain, in this sense, is no exception, and is at a crucial moment in which the adoption and exploitation of new technologies will determine its position on the global stage.

Spain has proven to be fertile ground for innovation and technological and digital transformation, however, the road is not without its challenges. Many Spanish companies face the monumental task of updating their technological infrastructures and adapting their business models to an increasingly digital environment. Resistance to change and lack of specialised resources emerge as significant obstacles in this process, which may experience a slowdown that could become a serious problem. In this context, multi-sector technology consultancies play a crucial role. With their deep industry knowledge and their ability to cross-pollinate experiences and implement innovative solutions, these organisations act as true catalysts for change. By providing a bridge between traditional business practices and state-of-the-art technology solutions, they enable companies to not only survive, but thrive in the digital age. Looking ahead, several emerging trends promise to shape Spain’s technological destiny. Artificial intelligence, now amplified by Generative AI, low-code application development and cloud solutions are emerging as transformative elements. Moreover, innovation and talent are fundamental to foster a technologically advanced society, capable of facing the challenges of the future. Technological transformation in Spain is a journey shared by public and private companies, technology consultancies and society at large. By embracing innovation and promoting talent development, we can ensure a future in which Spain not only participates in the digital revolution, but is an example to follow in many fields. Co-creation, collaboration and collective commitment will undoubtedly be essential to turn today’s challenges into tomorrow’s successes and opportunities.

source: el economista (press)


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