Credit Analysis

Cofidis is a financial institution that emerged on the Portuguese market in 1996. Along the years, it has achieved a leading position in the sale and management of credit to private individuals, currently holding more than 500 thousand clients by a personalized service.

Reducing operating costs and centralizing business rules for quicker decision-making in credit analysis processes.

Implemented a rules engine using IBM ODM technology, which centralized business rules in a single solution, resulting in more agility in planning, execution, and time reduction. This approach allowed for quicker responses to clients regarding credit analysis and integrated with five more core applications, enhancing overall efficiency.

In a corporate and technological world in which decision making must be quick, there is still an excessive decentralisation of business rules.

The rules implemented in this engine resulted in a reduction of operating costs without the need of systematic changes in coding, generating new versions, testing, approvals, among others.

The IBM ODM solution allowed implementing a rules engine to support the decision making process with the centralisation of business rules in a single solution, thus obtaining more agility in planning, execution and time reduction, which are crucial factors to achieve goals aiming the differentiation from the competition. Likewise, it allows a build integrated with 5 more core applications and rules editor with a natural language. Such approach allowed obtaining very positive results with a quicker response to the client regarding the credit analysis.


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