Counterfeit Medicines

ANF, the “Associação Nacional das Farmácias”, represents 97% of the Portuguese pharmacies. Its mission is to make Pharmacies the most valued primary health care network among the Portuguese people.

Ensuring the authenticity of medicines sold in Portuguese pharmacies to maintain public health and safety.

A Middleware layer developed using Oracle SOA Suite 12c technology, capable of quickly and efficiently interconnecting with the European Entity supervising medicine safety. This solution verifies the authenticity of medicines in real-time at the point of sale.

The complete associated preventive alarm component has been implemented, allowing to react by anticipation and to prevent failures that could be damaging for the business.

This reliable and 24/7 monitored integration solution enabled connecting the European Agency with the Portuguese Pharmacies, in addition to being flexible and capable of adapting to future legislative developments.

Thanks to a unique identifier at European level, at the time of sale each medicine box is controlled in real time to verify whether it is counterfeit or not.


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