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Business Processes

Novo Banco is one of the major financial entities in Portugal, with a multichannel approach to the Portuguese retail banking and comprising 1.3 million clients.

Implementing new processes on a monthly basis to diversify products and services, stay ahead of competition, and improve overall service effectiveness.

Utilized IBM BPM functionalities combined with a process build accelerator to integrate more than 60 existing applications and systems, facilitating a regular availability of new functionalities and an improved response rate which in turn increased satisfaction rates.

Working with the business teams allowed to implement a monthly planning of new processes, thereby favouring a considerably regular availability of new functionalities.

We took advantage of the IBM BPM functionalities combined with a process build accelerator to allow capability to the Novo Banco’s business for a build integrating more than 60 existing applications and systems.

The context of the project had among its goals to diversify the products and services’ offer aiming to meet the actual needs of clients in order to cover all segments. A further goal was anticipating the competition by being one step ahead in the creation of differentiated and functional products and services. Finally, another objective was the overall service improvement, ensuring effectiveness of operations by providing swift responses and increasing the satisfaction rates.


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