abem: Solidary Drug Network

Associação Dignitude is a Private Institution of Social Solidarity (IPSS), whose mission is to develop solidarity programs of great social impact that promote the quality of life and well-being of the Portuguese.

Facilitating access to prescription drugs for financially constrained individuals across Portugal, while ensuring anonymity and dignity.

Developed the Dignitude Platform using .Net, CRM mft DYN, and AngularJS technologies to support the abem network, simplifying bureaucratic processes and enhancing transparency and security in accessing medicines.

The abem Program: REDE SOLIDÁRIA DO MEDICAMENTO is an innovative project launched by Associação Dignitude, with the objective of allowing, with total anonymity and dignity, access to prescription drugs for those who do not have the financial capacity to purchase them, covering the entire national territory.

In order for all needy families to have access to medication, a collaborative network was created, which includes referral entities, such as Autarchies, IPSS, Caritas and Misiricórdias, where the beneficiary is referred, by local entities, with access to an open card: with the abem card: the beneficiary can access the drugs prescribed and reimbursed by the NHS at an abem pharmacy.

The Dignitude Platform, developed by Nexllence, supports the computer system of the abem network: connecting all the entities involved in this project, simplifying the necessary bureaucracies in supporting access to medicines, with transparency and security.

It allows the connection between local partners, beneficiaries, open pharmacies: donors and volunteers.

The drugs covered by the Program are reimbursed by the abem Solidarity Fund: which allowed to support, by the end of October 2020, more than 17,661 beneficiaries, in a total of more than 9,849 families, who thus had access to a Health service essential to their survival.

This initiative is supported by Portugal Inovação Social, through European Union Funds.


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